Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tastes of summer

It has really started to feel like summer around here, thanks in large part to a great week of eating, drinking, cooking and baking:
  • Our friends Em and Brian made us our very own bottle of homemade limoncello. The best part: we got to sample a fresh batch at their place on a Monday night. Grazie, guys!
  • Rhubarb Custard Bars from Cooking Light. Oh. my. This recipe's a keeper.
  • Strawberry-Almond Cream Tart from Cooking Light. Showing off those adorable fresh strawberries. Time consuming but very satisfying to make.
  • Raspberry Streusel Muffins from the original Silver Palate Cookbook. (Scroll down for recipe.) I vividly remember first making these when I wa 12, and when I interviewed Julee Rosso a few months ago I gushed and gushed about them. Made these for a post-baptism brunch this weekend and they were gone in less then 10 minutes.
  • Further confirmation that I married the right guy: My companion, renaissance man that he is, made fresh fruit trifle and his signature homemade arugula pizza. Swoon.

It's been a great week at the table. May the sugar high never end.


Blogger MUDNYC said...

Renny congrats on the awards AND the fun food and fork farm article. I'm going to the website to read it now.

Can't wait to see you this weekend!

12:47 PM  

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