Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weekend Eats

With a couple of time-consuming freelance articles finally signed, sealed and delivered, I had time to do some some cooking this weekend with my companion. We had our foodie friends Em and Brian over, and we selected an all-Bon Appetit lineup for the occasion. It was all so good, not because of anything we did, but simply because these are fabulous (and quick) recipes. Try them!

Pineapple and Cardamom Chicken with Mint
Tip: Cardamom is very expensive--the most expensive spice, in fact, behind saffron. I saved $ by buying mine in bulk at Wild Oats. It cost under a dollar.

Coconut Basmati Rice
Editorial: I've tried many coconut rice recipes over the years, but I've never been satisfied with the amount of coconut flavor. This recipe is right on the money, and the toasted coconut sprinkled on top is an added bonus.

Lemon Meringue Ice Cream Pie in Toasted Pecan Crust
Tip: Use store-bought lemon curd instead of homemade to save time, and use low-fat vanilla ice cream to make this a little less unhealthy.


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