Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Holy Tomatoes!

What do I do with all these tomatoes?
It's a common summer dilemma in the kitchen. Perhaps you have a neighbor like ours, who brings us armfuls of plump, juicy tomatoes every day and tells us she won't stop bringing them until we tell her to quit. Our fruit bowl runneth over, but when I think about the mealy red orbs I'll be plucking from supermarket shelves in January, I just can't say no to garden-fresh tomatoes. But you can only make so much bruschetta, so much salsa, so many caprese salads with fresh mozzarella.

The August/September issue of Every Day With Rachael Ray features a great suggestion: Make roasted tomatoes! You can freeze (6 months) or refrigerate them (5 days) and toss them into whatever you're making for dinner. I added roasted yellow tomatoes to our leftover chicken/salsa verde enchiladas tonight, and they tasted delicious and garden fresh. You could also add them to pasta, omelets, homemade pizzas, calzones...just think of the possibilities!


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