Monday, August 14, 2006

Bread and Wine

Bread Bulletin
If you're looking for a great way to use up that zucchini and summer squash you bought at the farmers' market, try this great cheesy zucchini and red onion flatbread, courtesy of Epicurious (or Bon Appetit's August issue). My only complaint is that the recipe calls for a tube of refrigerated pizza dough. While I'm categorically against any sort of bread product that's packaged in a tube, I'm willing to look the other way for this flatbread because it tastes so good! And, thanks to the darn dough tube, it's even quick enough for a weeknight dinner. My companion assembled this flatbread very nicely, though he said if he made it again he'd sacrifice aesthetics and scramble the zucchini and onions a bit.

A Perfect Pour
I bought a bottle of sauvignon blanc tonight for dinner--an attempt to mix it up a little since I always drink pinot grigio in the summer. I got my sauvignon blanc recommendations from Maureen Petrosky's The Wine Club, my favorite wine book. She recommends the following Chilean sauvignon blancs as delicious wines that don't break the bank:
Concha y Toro
Valle Central
Casa Lapostolle
I found the Casa Lapostolle very easily at our neighborhood grocery store for $7.99, and was pleased to see it was wearing a "Best Buy" label from Wine Enthusiast magazine. Wine Enthusiast rated it an 86 using a 100-point system. (Incidentally, yesterday's NYT featured an interesting article about wine ratings.)


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