Thursday, July 20, 2006

Why I Love Summer

You're looking at the fruits of my labors after a quick trip to Jacquemin Farms: blackberry blueberry shortcakes! Central Ohio blackberries have burst onto the scene here, much to my delight. They taste so sweet and perfect it almost makes me sad--berry season is ruefully short here, which means that, just when you get used to having succulent berries around, they're gone! That, my friends, is why you need to live it up right now and make lots of summery DESSERTS. (I found the shortcake recipe at While visiting Jacquemin Farms I noticed they had lots of fresh raspberries on hand, and I also secured their very last 10-pound pail of Michigan sour cherries.

Speaking of cherries, if you're in the Grandview area here in Columbus be sure to stop by Jeni's Ice Creams to try her fabulous braised cherries ice cream topping. I sampled them on a scoop of apricot yogurt, and it tasted like sweet summery heaven! (That being said, my companion also gives mad props to the Savannah buttermint ice cream.)


Blogger MUD said...

What does one do with a 10 POUND PAIL of cherries? Especially if one already has a 10 POUND PAIL of strawberries?

9:56 PM  
Blogger Renee said...

Anyone who was raised in Michigan knows that you freeze them and then make GIANT CHERRY COBBLERS and in January! It's the best!

10:18 PM  
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