Thursday, August 17, 2006


I was excited to read Wednesday's New York Times article about the launch of next week. The website is a spinoff of the now-defunct Chow magazine, a food and dining glossy for the young, hipster set (or those who aspire to be so). I purchased Chow a couple of times last year and really loved it's snarky-yet-knowledgeable take on all things food. Past article titles included "How to Spot a Bad Italian Restaurant" (Hint: Roman restaurants that are busy before 9 p.m.), "Why You Hate Liver" (the science behind how we taste things), "The Wedding Gift" (Cool kitchen gifts to purchase once the big ivory envelope with the cupid stamp arrives). If it's anything like the magazine that spawned it, promises to be a great epicurean resource and oodles of fun! You can enter your e-mail address now at to receive news about their upcoming launch.


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Chow fun, baby!

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