Monday, April 24, 2006

Maple Syrup Mystery, Solved

I spotted a "Grade B" classification on my Trader Joe's maple syrup this weekend, and curiosity about the label led me to this excellent maple syrup grade primer at Cooking for Engineers. If you're too lazy to read the article here's a hint: Grade A, Medium Amber maple syrup is the recommended grade for pancakes and waffles. I can't say enough about the taste benefits of using real, bona fide maple syrup. After tasting the real thing, you'll never go back to Log Cabin again. Yes, it's more expensive, but I always find reasonably priced bottles at, of all places, TJ Maxx! Just check out the specialty food aisle at your local TJ's and you'll find oodles of choices--even different grades!

Other hot news: in the coming weeks, check out the new foodie site Belly Du Jour, where I'll be a contributing writer. It's not completely up and running yet, but add it to your favorites now--it's going to be marvelous!

This is a busy week for me, with one of my elders visiting tomorrow on his way back from the Appalachian Trail (We're going out to breakfast--yay!) and two big writing deadlines next Monday. I do love deadlines--I live and die (and get paid) by them, and it's so gratifying to finally be able to stop reporting and start WRITING!


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