Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wednesday Food News

No time to read the food sections today, but Columbusites might want to check out my review of Greek Corner in today's Dispatch.

Even if you're not too into the religion thing, you might find my interview with Jesuit priest James Martin to be interesting. I talked to him about his new book My Life with the Saints (published in March and already in its second printing) for Bustedhalo, and I really appreciated his take on all things saintly. Perhaps you will too.

In the way of an amuse for your mind, here's a fun little witticism from the "dish" section of Chicago magazine:
Smart: The French eat all they want and stay thin.
Smarter: Germans drink all they want and stay sober.
Smartest: The Swiss eat and drink all they want and stay out of politics.


Blogger MUD said...

The Germans don't seem too smart...what's the point of all that beer if you can't get happy from it?

10:19 PM  

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