Monday, April 10, 2006

How to Shop the North Market

If you're like me, you go to the North Market on Saturday mornings and are completely overwhelmed with the feast for the eyes, the heavenly smells, the sheer number of scrumptious options. Sometimes it's hard to know where to go first. I've got my old standby products that I always buy, like pretzel rolls and olive bites from Omega Artisan Baking, flowers from Market Blooms and Jose Madrid Salsa. It's good to break out of food ruts every once in a while though, and the recent North Market newsletter, given to me by Jeni Britton (who always gives me such wonderful story ideas) offers some great hints on how to do that. The spring newsletter is chock full of culinary ideas inspired by a few North Market merchants' recent trip to Provence. The main point: You can eat lovely food, just like the French do, even when you live in Ohio! Yes, it's true! Columbus foodies, here are a few things to try courtesy of the creative culinary travelers:
  • Try a variety of European, cream-of-the-crop yogurts or cultured butters (higher butterfat and richer flavor) from Curds and Whey. Mike, the owner, also has the coolest business card you've ever seen. Be sure to take one from the counter!
  • Try a ham and cheese croissant from Omega, made with Bluescreek Farm ham.
  • Try some Gypsy Bees honey, and check out the ultra-cool beeswax candles the beekeeper makes in a variety of holiday-appropriate shapes.
  • Sarefino's Pizza and Italian Deli sells frozen balls of delicious pizza crust. Who knew?
  • Kay of North Market Cook Ware recommends a PepperMate peppermill based on its function and design, which includes a detachable cup.

Next time you're at the market, give these things a try!


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