Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Inversion

In my companion's younger bachelor days, he befriended a woman with whom he'd periodically go out for ice cream. For a while I think they both assumed they were fairly close in vintage, until one day, upon revealing their ages, he discovered that she was 32 and she discovered he was 23. Their ages consisted of the same digits, but in reverse order. Because of this, he started to refer to this person, in jest, as The Inversion.

I'm borrowing that moniker now as a name for a dessert I concocted over the weekend. I'm often inspired by dishes I try when we go out to eat, and I have fond memories of the summer berries drizzled with sabayon (a light custard made with marsala wine and egg yolks; "zabaglione" in Italian) that I had at Vino Vino last year in Grandview. Why not create an inversion of it instead of replicating it exactly? My version of The Inversion consists of two generous scoops of sabayon ice cream topped with homemade strawberry coulis. (Coulis is simply a thickened, sweet puree.) A wafer thin ginger cookie-cracker from World Market (soo good--Anna's Swedish Ginger Thins) makes for the cutest, tastiest garnish.


Anonymous Em said...

Sounds delicious!

And love the name :)

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