Monday, November 06, 2006

Great Wines for Your Holiday Soirees

Guess what: Boxed wines are back! (I wasn't yet born when they were happenin' in the first place, but I recently heard a segment on KCRW's Good Food about how wine producers have been introducing some really great boxed wines lately. In fact, it's the most booming sector of the American wine market right now. I know! I know! They're so much bulkier, so much more gauche and clumsy than a bottle. Perhaps it's not as romantic as popping the cork over dinner with your sweetie, but the new packaging is actually quite attractive. Boxed wines, holding three liters each, would be great for a swingin' holiday bash. Here are some of the recommended varieties:
  • Black Box sells a swanky, black-tie-looking 3-liter box that keeps for 4 weeks after opening. (Available in all 50 states.)
  • Dtour sells the incredibly cool wine tube at a price that amounts to less than $10 per bottle.
  • Three Thieves offers colorful boxes and jugs.

Ohio state law prohibits the wine purveyors from listing the stores that carry these wines, but don't worry, Columbusites, I'm going to do some research and get back to you so you'll be well stocked for feting your friends this holiday season!


Anonymous dave said...

Hey Renee,

I'm enjoying your blog. Ever since my daughter was born, I've contributed the equiavlent of a BMW lease payment monthly and will do so for the next 18 years; so, box wines have a well-deserved place for those conserving.

But, I realized, they're not bad at all. I've run into a couple awful ones (Franzia should be used to light my grill) but surprisingly the equally inexpensive Almaden boxes aren't terrible. I think the cab and burgundy are just fine for dinner wines.

The neat surprise is they make better wine taste superb. I look forward to perusing the links in this post. Thanks.

6:52 AM  

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