Friday, January 09, 2009

A fresh start for 2009

Many of you readers (if I have any readers left) have probably guessed the reason(s) for my lack of posts over the past couple of months. A new house, new city and (wonderful) new job have left precious little time for blogging. During this time of transition, I've managed to continue cooking and experimenting with new recipes, but haven't had the time to cook and photograph the results and blog about them.

As many of you also know, my best news of all is that there's a new little eater in our house! Baby Sophia arrived just over six weeks ago and has been great fun. She's proven to be a little one-dimensional in her food tastes right now, but I plan to start introducing her to new tastes as soon as I can.

About two weeks after Sophia was born I was desperate to get back in the kitchen but of course, didn't have the time for anything elaborate. This mango-pomegranate guacamole was perfect. Not only was it festive and healthy, it allowed me to take advantage of some seasonal (though admittedly not local) flavors. It's a quick dish and the colors are gorgeous! I can't wait to make it again.


Anonymous Phil said...


Sophia is so beautiful!

We all miss you and Jim more than you know, but send you blessings on your life in Fort Wayne.

7:58 PM  
Blogger Jonah said...

Great reason for blog silence!!!

9:18 PM  
Blogger Heidi said...

Oh she is so sweet! (And I love the name--as you know we have picked Sophia for our daughter, too!) Bryan told me the news. Of course, I've been so busy with my little one that I'm not much of a blogger lately either. Next time I'm in South Bend, I'll try to look you up. Congrats!

8:51 AM  

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