Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back in the kitchen

It's so good to be back in the kitchen! I have finally moved into our house and our kitchen is unpacked. More importantly, my dining companion is now in town so I have someone to experiment on again.

In an effort to avoid unpacking, I ventured out to the South Bend Farmers' Market on Saturday morning -- only a five minute drive from chez nous. Unlike the North Market in Columbus, you don't have to get there at the crack of dawn to get the best selection. I got there at 10am and there was still lots to choose from. All of the produce is so heavy this time of year. I had to make two trips to the car. Walking around with a yellow seedless watermelon, a basket of honeycrisp apples, a basket of Michigan Red Haven peaches, and a bag of redskin potatoes got to be a little bit much, even though I've been lifting weights and am pretty darn strong.

The South Bend Farmers' Market is much more downhome than my beloved North Market in Columbus. It's going to take some getting used to. Another local said it well when she said, "It's a little heavy on the tchotchkes and soft pretzels." And, I would add, crocheted items and antiques. Um, and Obama T-shirts and non-local produce. (Asparagus from South America? At a farmers' market? C'mon people!) I already miss my favorite cheesemaker in Columbus and the stone-ground cornmeal from a farmer whose name escapes me now. Fortunately I stocked up on some Columbus goods before I left.

There were some bright spots on Saturday. I saw one woman selling beautiful bittersweet for $6/bunch, and one produce stand sold me some lovely cremini mushrooms that I'm going to make into a mushroom ragout. South Bend food shopping is going to be a little bit of an adjustment -- I'm realizing now how spoiled I was in Ohio -- but I'm up for the challenge.


Blogger Jonah said...

I know how you feel -- imagine going from the Union Square Farmer's Market to the SB one...but the soft pretzels the Amish make are quite yummy, especially the cinnamon sugar ones. And the "new" Martin's isn't awful for produce. Also there is a nice small Italian shop right across from the farmer's market that sells decent cheese, but I can't remember the name now.

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