Saturday, January 05, 2008

New year in the kitchen

I have made a few modest food resolutions for 2008:
  • Take the time to prepare homemade salad dressings (inspired by my Oregon friends Cheryl and Sarah, who make the most wonderful vinaigrettes I’ve ever tasted.)
  • Make Saturday pancakes. I especially love these, made with whole wheat flour.
  • Take back the spice cabinet. In addition to being above eye level, our spice cabinet is jam-packed. This means that every time one opens said spice cabinet, one is pelted on the forehead with an assortment of square metal tins, tiny glass jars, nutmeg pods and squares of baking chocolate. This is why we call it the spice dungeon. It’s time to avail myself of these helpful tips.
  • Savor more chocolate croissants from La Chatelaine (For cryin’ out loud, the place is only three blocks away!)
  • Drink more lavender gimlets at Dragonfly. This indulgent sipper is my favorite drink in town.
  • Shop the Worthington’s winter farmer’s market. I’m a loyal summer customer, but I keep forgetting about its indoor, cold-weather incarnation.
What are your food resolutions for 2008?


Anonymous Em said...

Mine are:

1. Eat vegetables at every dinner - and garlic/onions don't count :)

2. No dessert at restaurants unless I'm sharing. I know - how sad, but I always regret how stuffed I am afterwards!

I like your ideas too Renee!

12:42 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Please post the salad dressing (I can't spell vinega...ette). I look forward to it. Love salad, get bored with my dressings.

7:47 PM  

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