Monday, February 13, 2006

Retro Candy!

Over the weekend I read about a great little web site in Gourmet magazine: At Hometown Favorites, you can purchase all the fun candy you enjoyed when you were a kid. There are buttons that allow you to search by decade, so natch I checked out the 80's candy. (You can order "decade" boxes of candy from the 60's, 70's, etc.)

Now technically, we were not allowed to eat much candy as kids, but when I checked the site I was astonished by how many varieties of the 80's candy I had sampled. (It must have been all of those after-school trips to the Hop-In next to St. Monica school before junior high basketball practice.) Seeing the packs of Bubbilicious, the bags of Atomic Fireballs, the Pixy Stix, and the Wonka Bottlecaps and Tart n' Tinys brought back lots of memories.

For instance, I remembered popping an Atomic Fireball in my mouth right before taking the SAT--not a good idea considering NO food was allowed under any circumstance. But the fireball was so hot I couldn't keep the darn thing in my mouth. So throughout the whole three-hour test, I surreptitiously popped it in and out of my mouth, resulting in a very,very red, sticky pencil and test booklet.


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I love making pizza dough! But sometimes I don't like the kneading part. Now I want to make it at this very moment!

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