Monday, December 19, 2005

Comfort Food

My companion has been under the weather for the past few days, so comfort foods have been in high demand around here. (Think oatmeal and fudgsicles.) I firmly believe that good food can heal body and soul, so I thought that some homemade macaroni and cheese might do the trick. I'm still waiting for it to work its magic, but I highly recommend whipping up a batch of the stuff on these cold winter days.

There are lots of great mac and cheese recipes online, of course. I selected the four-cheese macaroni from Cooking Light and it was great. My only complaint: The recipe called for a little bit of Velveeta, which I'm against purchasing on principle, (look at the ingredient list on the package--it's disgusting) but I did go ahead and buy a block of the stuff because I didn't have time to hunt for other recipes.

If anyone has a little jar of those magic get-well-by-Christmas pills in their cupboard, please send them my way. I know someone who sure could use them. (I can't seem to locate them on


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